Life is too short to work so hard with no end in sight! 

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Have you ever felt like your life and business run you instead of the other way around? Does it feel exhausting and overwhelming to consider what it is going to take to achieve your next milestone? Is your head full of ideas and goals and narrowing them down to your top priorities seems impossible? Many business leaders struggle with these challenges. You’re not alone! We can help.

Resolve to get rid of: 


  • Stress
  • Tendency toward burn out
  • Feelings of overwhelm and despair
  • Lack of clarity and confidence
  • Frustration, sadness, and feelings of anxiousness

Are you ready to hit the easy button?

Katie Milton Coaching and Consulting

Hi, I’m Katie CEO of Freenew, LLC. As a fourth-generation entrepreneur and C-IQ® certified coach, I understand the complicated lives of business leaders.

My proprietary approach that combines time-tested business practices with neuroscience and leadership coaching, rewards my clients with increased productivity, profitability, and peace.

Harvest the rewards you deserve: 

  • Increased productivity, profitability, and peace
  • More sales, more often
  • Stronger systems and an innovative and empowered team
  • Time and resources to take a real two week vacation and leave your cell phone at home

How does it work?


If you're like most of my clients, you want increased productivity, profitability, and peace. The trouble is that we frequently are our own worst enemies and can sabotage our best work more often than not. Studies show that will power doesn't work -- so telling ourselves to just "buckle down and get it done" isn't working! Its time to stop working harder and start working smarter!

The blindspot that has the majority of small business leaders feeling like failures and losers is that we all have areas of life and business where we are unconsciously incompetent -- you don't know what you don't know! Bottom line, it is plain wrong to feel this way because business leaders like you are destined for greatness. And when you can leverage the learning that comes from challenges to become even more consciously competent, your next steps become even greater and more impactful!

Katie Milton ICF Certified Executive Coach

I've spoken with hundreds of business leaders about their goals, challenges, and visions for a bigger future. I understand the complicated lives of business leaders. As a fourth-generation entrepreneur and certified C-IQ® coach, my proprietary method combines neuroscience with leadership coaching, is time-tested and evidence-based to reward you with even more productivity, profitability, and peace!

Two Coaching Options to Choose From:

Search & Rescue Mini Coaching :: If you know that you want to live your life more intentionally and run your business more purposefully but aren't totally clear on which priorities to focus on first, then the Search & Rescue Mini Coaching is designed for business leaders like you!

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Growth & Leadership Coaching Immersion :: Do you keep a copy of The One Thing by Gary Keller on your nightstand, quote it frequently, and know exactly which life and business priorities to focus on right now? Do you feel motivated and perform your best when someone is running alongside you and are ready to GROW and LEAD like never before? -- then the Growth & Leadership Coaching Immersion is specifically designed for you!

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When we partner together, I make sure that you're rewarded with at least 2 - 10 times your investment. I help you get crystal clear on your measurable target and quantifiable impact. While I cannot legally guarantee these returns, it is historically what my clients have experienced.

Ready to get started?

Come partner with me and experience the transformation from feeling overwhelmed, stressed, on the verge of burn out to feeling healthy, whole, and happy about the positive impact that you're making!

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What are others saying?

  • Sheila Streetman :: A Lemon's Wish
    Katie doesn’t mess around! I came to our meeting with several ideas, we fleshed out a few and then she did her magic. She narrowed in on my problem (I didn’t even know it was dragging me down) and gave me an action plan for moving forward.
    Sheila Streetman :: A Lemon's Wish
  • Dr. Michelle Pizer :: Organizational Psychologist
    If you're stuck in your thinking, Katie is a great person to talk through your options and think creatively and laterally around your problem.
    Dr. Michelle Pizer :: Organizational Psychologist
  • Megan Wallace :: Megan Wallace Coaching
    I left our call with clarity, fired up and full of ideas, including the exact perfect bonus to give to my coaching clients. I truly appreciate the time you took to help guide me toward that one brilliant idea, and am highly recommending you to all of my biz friends!
    Megan Wallace :: Megan Wallace Coaching
  • Kathleen Weight :: Premier Bookkeeping
    I greatly enjoyed working with Katie! She has a kindness about her that helps one open up without being worried about criticism. To me, that is a big deal in helping people. When it came to my problem, she asked questions and helped me think more deeply into clarifying what the answer would be. I left feeling more empowered which, as a new entrepreneur, feels GREAT!!
    Kathleen Weight :: Premier Bookkeeping
  • Kerry G. Sutton :: HCTC
    Katie helped me drill down to very specific activities which ultimately motivated me and helped me focus my efforts. I ended up achieving far beyond what I had originally envisioned . Thank you, Katie!
    Kerry G. Sutton :: HCTC
  • Sarah Marie :: Solutions by Sarah Marie
    From the word GO, Katie knew exactly what she was doing. I went in with a big problem and she was able to dissect it down into manageable bits AND come up with an empowering takeaway in just 30 minutes. Anytime I am stuck on something, Katie will be the first name that comes to mind.
    Sarah Marie :: Solutions by Sarah Marie

What would you do if you were 10X bolder? 

Search & Rescue Mini Coaching
Growth & Leadership Coaching Immersion