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Freedom Coaching

for business rebels
who are ready to become
even more successful!

I’m ready!

You started out with big ideas…

And building them into a business has been a thrilling, frustrating adventure that’s left you fist pumping one day and face palming the next. You're starting to wonder how much longer you'll have the energy to spend your days putting out fires and solving the thousand and one problems that land on your desk. Seriously, how many I.T. and operations crises can possibly happen in one day? Your family and friends have forgotten what you look like, and as for sleeping and eating, ha! Who has time for those.

The whole point was to build a business you love so hard that you end each day telling your nearest and dearest “wow, you won’t believe what happened today!” instead of groaning “you’ll never guess what kind of day I had!"

So why does it feel instead of owning your business, your business owns you?

Because you’re a business rebel. "Business as usual" leaves you bored out of your gourd. You've got a drive for fun, adventure, and ideas so fresh you could sell 'em at a farmers market. You're not cut out to do things the "right" way - and that's exactly why you're going to succeed.

Because your creative, rebellious mind won't settle for anything less than extraordinary. And I'll give you the tools you need to get there.

Here's what I know about you:

You're sick of doing all the right things and not getting the results you know you're capable of getting.

You're frustrated because no matter how much you analyze, strategize and plan your next move, getting your business to the next stage still feels like trying to build a plane out of Lego and fly it to Tahiti.

Imagine taking confident action that gets you where you want to be - minus the rising blood pressure. Knowing exactly what to do next, and what order to do it in.

My neuroscience-backed coaching process was designed with business rebels like you in mind. I’ll show you how to:

  • Grow your business without growing a whole new kind of tension headache
  • Translate your exciting ideas into real, doable actions so you always know which step to take next
  • Develop a leadership style that feels natural and easy - no more feeling like you're speaking a different language and your team doesn't have the phrase book
  • Build a business that brings in the bucks and establishes you as an authority without compromising on your values
  • Take back control of your time – no more wasting hours on apps that don't help, classes that don't make a difference, and admin so deep you're living in a fort made of paperwork and unanswered emails
  • Learn the fine art of taking a damn break sometimes – and why your business actually NEEDS a little scheduled irresponsibility
  • Be decisive about where to focus your energy so you're never left looking at the clock and thinking "where the hell did the day go?"
  • Feel confident in where your business is headed - no more tossing and turning at 3:00 AM because you still don't know what to do and no-one else understands, dammit
  • Run your business in a way that’s tailored to the way you think and what honestly matters to you so that every day feels like an adventure, not a chore
  • Create even more freedom in your business so you can take that trip to Mexico or go hiking in the Alps as you travel the world for both work and pleasure

If your business feels like a long haul flight on a budget economy airline right now, my proprietary coaching solution is the refreshing margarita, in the tiki hut, with your toes in warm sand at the end.

I’m in! Let’s talk business, adventure, and tiki bars!

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