Could Fiber Be the Answer?


Instead of eating more to achieve that feeling of being stuffed, the trick is to eat the right stuff -- things that keep you fuller for a longer time.
Instead of eating more to achieve that feeling of being stuffed, the trick is to eat the right stuff — things that keep you fuller for a longer time.


Eating fiber may be the key to feeling fuller

When people start off on the paleo diet, one of their biggest complaints is that the diet often leaves them feeling hungry, and doesn’t give them the same satisfaction as a great big heaping bowl of carbs does. David Moss of PaleoHacks explains that that feeling of satiety usually comes from “being stuffed with carbohydrate and thus having a huge rush of blood sugar and insulin”, and it’s that feeling that paleo dieters should seek to avoid.

Instead of eating more to achieve that feeling of being stuffed, the trick is to eat the right stuff — things that keep you fuller for a longer time. Some successful paleo dieters have said that once they discovered the right proportions of food, they could go for up to 24 hours in-between meals without feeling hungry! Unfortunately, there’s no miracle equation or wonder food that works for everybody… at least, not yet.

Scientists at the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health are investigating if fiber could be the key to feeling fuller, as well as the impact fibrous foods have on overall gut health. The Rowett Institute has often been praised for its contributions to food and nutrition. In the past few years, they’ve created ranges of healthy foods for M&S, helped regulate arsenic levels in rice, and even investigated how quickly the stomach empties after breakfast.

Dr. Alexandra Johnstone, head of research for the project has, in the past, shown interest in the paleo diet as well as other high-fat, low-carb diets, and this new research is just a step towards discovering why they’re so successful. According to Dr. Johnstone, “This research into how these fibres affect our appetite, will allow us to assess how they could be included in new food products with satiating qualities to help control appetite, manage weight and combat obesity.”

Should fiber be proven to be the driving force behind feeling fuller for longer, paleo dieters may feel a bit wary. After all, how does one get fiber without eating oats and grains? Well, the Ultimate Paleo Guide has the answer: soluble fibers can be found in strawberries, nuts, seeds, cucumbers, celery, carrots, and other root vegetables; insoluble fiber can be found in vegetables like cabbage, beets, and Brussels sprouts.

As a Paleo eater, where do you get most of your fiber? What balance seems to work best for you?

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  1. Anne says

    I have never felt hungry eating Paleo. We started the first of the year and I love how my refrigerator has changed. It is full of veggies, protein and fruit. None of the empty “extras” that just took up space. I always have a few almonds in my pocket to snack on as needed. Eggs and BACON are my new favorites.

    The big advantage of eating Paleo for me is that my body does not feel doughy any longer.

    Just back from three weeks on Isla. Had breakfast Jan 31 at Barlito’s last day on Hildago. Brad made the best Paleo breakfast ever!!!!! Tiffany talked about sharing Paleo cocktails with a friend who I am assuming is you.

    Looking forward to next year at Marina Pariso.

    • Katie Milton says


      So good to hear from you and I would have loved to connect with you while on Isla- next year for sure!

      So glad to hear that Brad and Tiffany were accommodating to your Paleo requests, they are great that way and I am thrilled to hear that they have some new options that I am just learning about now! I am excited to try them at their new location at Marina Paraiso!

      I’m surprised to hear that you’ve always felt full on Paleo- that is awesome! I think that I ate way too many carbs pre-paleo and think that the “size” of my stomach had to re-adjust 😉 No more food comas- that is for sure! So I think that the “feeling” is different for everyone.

      Thank you so much for sharing your feedback! I’m looking forward to “seeing” you on the site again!


  2. Donna says

    I am never hungry eating Paleo either. I started last August. I am only hungry if I don’t get enough (good) fat in my menu. It doesn’t take much, but definitely fills me up. The few times I have cheated and added non-Paleo choices (even though I chose all natural, preservative free), THEN I am hungry.

    I get my fiber from almonds, veggies and apples.

    Years ago I did Atkins VERY succefully (losing 75 pounds in 14 months), but I feel like Paleo is a much healthier alternative. Although I do miss my cheese and beer.

    • Katie Milton says


      I too have noticed that when I cheat (especially with sugar) it starts a cycle and I find that I am hungry and crave large amount of food. I think that you’re right about getting enough of the good fat. Thanks for sharing your feedback with us here and we hope to see you around more!


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